Program – Day 1

March 2, 2023


9,30h.- Opening

10,00h.- Opening conference by Ignazio Buttitta

10,30h.- First Session

10,30h Intervention by the representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Italy and the Ministry of Culture of Spain

11,00h Joaquín Marza Mercé. ‘The Role of Schools and Museums as Transmission Element for Children and Young Persons. Recommended Methodology’

11,30h.- Break

12,00h.- Presentation of communications:Teaching ExperiencesLinked to Holy Week and Easter: Schools and Museums as Tools to PromoteChildren and Youth Participation’

13,30h. Lunch Break

15,30h.- Second Session

15,30h.- Antonio Miguel Nogues. ‘The influence of Tourism in Holy Week Celebrations’

16,00h.- Lia Giancristofaro. ‘Holy Week and Easter as Local Development Drives: Two Case Studies in Abruzzo’

16.30h.- Nicu Panea. ‘Holy Thursday or death as fulfillment’

17,00h.- Break

17,30h.- Presentation of communications: ‘Holy Week and Easter as Drivers of Local Development’

19,00h.- End of Day 1


Program – Day 2

Marcha 3, 2023


9,30h.- Third Session

9,30h.- Sebastiano Mannia. ‘Holy Week in Sardinia: Symbols, Rituals, Customs, Devotion and Local Identity’

10,00h.- Antoinette Molinie. ‘La Semana Santa como trascendencia del tiempo y del espacio de la comunidad’

10,30h.- Eugenio Imbriani. ‘Among the Fire and the Noise of The Passion Play

11,00h.- Break

11,30 h.- Presentation of communications: ‘Holy Week and Easter as Local and European Social Cohesion Elements: The Role of the Bearer Communities’

13,00h.- Lunch Break 

15,30h.- Fourth Session

15,30h.- Ferdinando Mirizzi. ‘From Holy Representations of the Past to the Contemporary Rite of Holy Week’

16,00h.- Joze Stukl. ‘The Passion Play of Skofja Loka, Slovenia

16,30h.- Davide Porporato. ‘The Popular Passion Play of Piamonte: The Passion at Sordevolo’

17,00h.- Claudio Bernardi. ‘Europassion for Italy: The Passion Play during the Holy Week in Italy’

17,30h.- Break 

18,00h.- Presentation of communications: ‘Art, Theatre and Music in Holy Week and Easter Traditions: Reality, Evolution and Contemporary Expressions’

19,00h.- Closing conference by Miguel López Guadalupe

19,30 h.- Closing Ceremony

*Provisional program subject to change