Programme - Day 1

12 March, 2021

Opening ceremony
José Luis Alonso Ponga (University of Valladolid)

Opening lecture. Holy Week as common heritage

Rui Pereira

Past and present of Holy Week in Portugal

Prof. Dr. Miguel Luis López-Guadalupe (University of Granada)

Historical notes on Holy Week in Andalusia

Antonio Luis Galiano. (Official chronicler, of the town of Orihuela)

Holy Week on the Routes in Spain

Dr Rui Ferreira

Presentations. Moderator

  • Evolution in Holy Week in Cabra. Bishop Alburquerque’s letter to the confraternities (31-1-1859) and its consequences. Antonio Ramón Jiménez Montes
  • La Settimana Santa in Italia tra Storia e Letteratura. Giuseppe Rando
  • Holy Week in Melilla: a resource to learn more about it. Fernando Saurel Hernández
  • Paesaggi sonori della Settimana Santa nel Meridione d’Italia: alcuni esempi di intersezione fra oralità, scrittura e drammatizzazione. Giuseppe Giordano
  • José Navia Campos, a creator of religious images and a ceramist. José Ángel Campillo
  • Donations and offerings to Hieronymite monasteries: experiences and gratitude of the monarchs for their welcome during Holy Week. Miguel Herguedas
Julio Grande

Presentations. Moderator

  • Facets of the function of the foreman of the image-bearers in Holy Week in Seville.
  • Rafael Moreno Rodríguez and Moisés Ríos Bermúdez
  • Riti e costumi della Settimana Santa a Oaxaca (Messico). Pierpaolo Lopreiato
  • Maria presso la Croce: una riflessione teológica. Ana Rotundo
  • Motives of the foremen of the image-bearers in Holy Week in Seville. Rafael Moreno Rodríguez and Moisés Ríos Bermúdez
  • La procesione della Naca del Venerdí Santo in Catanzaro e la “Reale Arciconfraternita dei Santi Giovanni Battista ed Evangelista de i Cavalieri di Malta ad Honorem”. Roberto María Naso
  • Literature on Holy Week in Andalusia: A way to express emotions. José Carlos Pérez Arias
Prof. D. Salvador Rodríguez Becerra. (University of Seville)

Confraternities and brotherhoods: changes and the current reality of the image-bearing communities

Juan Jesús López Guadalupe. (University of Granada)

The language of religious images in Holy Week. Evolution and current reality



  • Rites and the space of the Via Crucis. The hermitage of the Calvary in Cabra. Antonio Ramón Jiménez Montes
  • The penitents in San Vicente de la Sonsierra: the survival of a tradition. Julio Grande
  • The consumer society, banality and the procession of religious images. “The neo- orthodox images”. Francisco J. Martín López
  • Devotions exposed: the difficult museum display of Holy Week. Rubén Sánchez Domínguez
  • Holy Week museums in the Province of Alicante (Spain). Francisco Zaragoza
  • Printers and brotherhoods in 18 th century Seville: the awakening of confraternity information. María del Carmen Montoya

Programme - Day 2

13 March, 2021

Prof. Antonio Miguel Nogues (University of Elche) (to be confirmed)

Interactions between Holy Week celebrations and tourism: impact and benefits



  • Holy Week museums as a point of reference in the tourism of the passion. Sergio Lledó
  • The Holy Week museum in León: history of a dream. Carlos García Rioja
  • The museum display of the fiesta. The case of the Holy Week museum in Montoro. Pedro Delgado Guerrero
  • Dalla lauda religiosa alla sua rappresentazione tra ordini mendicanti e Confraternite. Martino Michele Battaglia
Julio Grande and Encarnación Giráldez

The European Network of Holy Week Celebrations: a way to safeguard intangible heritage

Prof. Don Ignazio Buttitta (Università degli Studi di Palermo)

Closing lecture. Current reality and the future of Holy Week celebrations


Conclusions of the conference


Closing ceremony