Holy Week and Easter celebrations are, without any doubt, one of the most vibrant expressions of popular religiosity in Europe. Their broad distribution, the variety of rituals and manifestations and the social involvement created around them make of them one of the subjects that generates more scientific, cultural and social interest.

The European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations works tirelessly to preserve and share this rich heritage. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to perform analysis and research processes that contribute to improving the knowledge of these complex cultural processes and of their bearer communities.  

The main aim of this European Congress is to delve into the diverse, as well as shared, European dimension of this heritage. The purpose is to show their reality and what Holy Week and Easter celebrations represent in Europe today, contributing to a better knowledge of the celebrations and to their preservation.

The Second edition of the European Congress will be divided in four areas:

  • Educational experiences related to Holy Week and Easter: Schools and museums as instruments to encourage children and youth participation. 
  • Holy Week and Easter as local development engines.
  • Holy Week and Easter as local and European social cohesion elements: the role of the bearer communities.
  • Art, theatre and music in Holy Week and Easter traditions: reality, evolution and contemporary expressions.

The purpose of the European Congress is to bring together specialists of different nationalities to promote scientific collaboration and exchange over a cornerstone of our common European heritage that is still very much alive today and that gathers, year after year, thousands of devotes, tourists, people interested in the subject and people who are curious to know more.

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Julio Grande e Ignazio Buttitta