‎ Holy Week celebrations are, without a doubt, some of the richest expressions of popular religiosity in Europe. A broad outreach, varied rituals and expressions, and social participation make Holy Week celebrations of great interest to European scientific, cultural and social studies.

The European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations endeavours to contribute to conserving and disseminating this rich heritage. To this end, this conference is a space to promote essential study and research into this tradition, which in turn will ensure a better understanding of these complex cultural processes and their culture-bearing communities. The main objective of this first conference is to explore this common, yet diverse heritage in the European dimension. The conference will illustrate how Holy Week is celebrated and what it currently represents in Europe, helping us gain a better insight into these celebrations, therefore improving their conservation.

‎ ‏The conference will address five themes:
– Holy Week as a common European heritage
– Holy Week history and anthropology in Europe
– Artistic expressions of Holy Week
– Holy Week’s impact on tourism and its repercussions
– The role a European network can play in collaboration and exchange ‎ ‏‏‎

The conference aims to bring specialists of different nationalities together to exchange their experiences and contribute to the collaborative research into this specific element of our heritage, which lives on year after year and attracts vast numbers of faithful, tourists and onlookers.

‎ ‏‏‎The conference marks the beginning of what we hope to be a long journey together.

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