Unfortunately, due to the current health crisis, we have decided to hold this conference online. We all would have much preferred face-to-face sessions, but it just could not be. However, this will not prevent us from continuing our efforts and enthusiasm in conducting research and disseminating the complex world of Holy Week celebrations.

To ensure the event runs smoothly, we all need to respect the following recommendations:

– It is important that we are strict with the times to ensure that we can adhere to the schedule.
– The conference will be simultaneously interpreted. Accessing the interpretation is easy. If you have any queries about accessing it, you can contact the session moderators at any time and they will help you activate it.
– Keep your microphone on mute and your camera off if you are not speaking. It will be easier for everyone to follow the sessions and we will avoid any interference.
– When you want to participate, you just have to let the moderator know and s/he will promote you as speaker.
– The chat feature is also a good tool. It will always be open so you can send messages or comments.

The technical team is at your disposal both before and during the conference. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have any issues or queries. Together, we will ensure that this event is a success.